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So, you might have seen my recent blog on fitness and how it will emotionally help you get through the pain, but theres more things that help with that. Just as another disclaimer, YOU HAVE TO FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. PERIOD. What works more me might not work for you. If you think you might be like me, give it a try! Now, this is going to be how I’ll try and show you over the post how to make yourself feel awesome about yourself. It’s been proven, scientifically proven that working out seems to alleviate depression, nausea, cramps (ladies), and lots of other things.

If you want a full breakdown on this, check this link:

Now me personally, it does all of this and the cramps are much easier to handle so I can go about my day. Also, there’s a sense of confidence, when you bend over to grab a heavy weight – because you know it’s heavy…20 pounds is heavy for an ectomorphic girl such as myself – and you pull it up with your abs engaged, your core tightened, including your transverse, you tuck your booty under yourself to protect your back and you pull it up to a full, easy clean and press above your head, back behind your neck, and back down to the floor. You’ve conquered the beast. You’re stronger for it. You feel badass!

Now, there is a trick and I could go into a lot of detail. I will expand on the in’s and out’s of working out and how to do certain moves and such, but as for this post I focus on one thing that I promised would be given to you. The transverse muscle.

So, I’ve just spent the last 15 minutes of precious writing time and searched google a lot and found that this has no sufficient images to show you. Tomorrow, or sometime this week I will get a video out showing you with my own body where your transverse is and how to work it, if this ends up being confusing. I’ll try my best so, here goes.

The transverse muscle is a beautiful thing. It is the deepest muscle in the abdomen and therefore the hardest to work. The benefits of working the transverse muscle are vast, but to name one important thing is your back. When your core is strong you protect your back when you are lifting heavy things and such and aids back pain. I’ve had back pain for a while now due to an injury I had while doing a dead lift. I used far to much weight because I wanted to push myself harder. Turns out my back said, “Eh, no,” and started yelling at me.

I still have the pain in my back, but I can assure you that with the transverse. The motion to work the muscle (yes, I’ll put this all in the video) is to act like your coughing. Take a deep breath in and force the air out. I want now to cough. Simply cough. That tensing motion that you feel when you cough is the engaging of the transverse. If you sneeze: there you go! The bearing down motion is what works the transverse.

Another cool thing to mention is you can do this literally anywhere. You don’t have to be in a room. I’m working my transverse right now as I write this. All you have to do is bear down and it doesn’t have to be hard so that everyone can see you’re working it…or something else. You just have to lightly engage the muscle. Work up to different strengths. When working out, always keep that muscle engaged in order to protect your back.

I hope this all made sense! See you WordPress people tomorrow!! Goodnight!



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