The “New” Trend

From Jennifer Love Hewitt to Jennifer Lawrence and everyone in between, the “magic” of Photoshop is emphasized by magazines and television shows alike. A fake, photocopied image of what a “woman” is supposed to look like. Starting from her head, she’s supposed to have a thin face, wide eyes, perfect nose, plump, Angelina Jolie like lips, and a white smile that could dazzle any man. Stop him dead in his tracks, staring at her “angelic” smile. Down to her chest and midsection, the chest should be a large bust, cleavage should be shown at all times, because why hide it? If you got it, show it. Her midsection should show her ribs, her collar bones, and her tummy should be flat as a pancake. Her legs must have a thigh gap and that is glorified with Photoshop. Her rear should be toned and especially no cellulite.

The reality is, this is a fake girl. All camera lights and a great, deceptive photographer, smoke and mirrors. Now, the new trend is a “do it yourself” mentality, if you can’t afford a professional. It’s called the AppStore. This is a platform for greed, and fake manifestations of what a woman should look like. I recently got sucked into downloading one of these things and I think the results are amazing. I downloaded it with skepticism, but the way that you can change your body with this download is amazing. Starting from the first time you open the program, it will say Portrait Professional. I downloaded the trail version, which is free. I was not going to pay for something to make me look fake. However, I loved it at first.

I started messing around with the controls that open up when you upload a picture. It will then ask you to outline your face, usually it gets the outline of my face off, but my face is pretty thin. I have a naturally thin limbs, tummy, and especially chest. Now this is where it gets funny to me: every time I try to upload a picture, it blows up my face. I have lemon head like Leonardo DiCaprio, according to this thing.

Now, you’re in! You’ve uploaded your “crappy” picture of your face and you want to fix it, here you go. To your left you have an annoying pop up that won’t go away telling you to buy the trial version. To your right, you have at the very top of the screen, a zoomed out picture of yourself. You can fix the zoom control to zoom into your picture in the center. In the center it separates you from the other you. Before and after.

The very first drawer – we’ll call it that because there are many subcategories and sub-subcategories in here – we come to the Face sculpt controls. However extreme you want to change your features, you got it sister! If we open the drawer, you’ll see it says things like, enhance your nose, which will give you a huge Jewish nose. Enhance your eyes, completely change your mouth shape , plump your lips like Angelina Jolie, widen your eyes like Zoe Deschenelle. You can even lengthen your neck to make your head stay up farther on your shoulders.

The skin smoothing drawer is the next, and if you click on that it will allow you to remove “imperfections.” Yes. There is a control in this program that allows you to remove your “imperfections.” Spot removal, Remove your pores, and those pesky thin wrinkles and fine shadows on your face. Even reduce the natural shine of your face.

The eyes are one of the most fun for me to tamper with, that and the hair section. Each allow you to change the color of your hair or eyes. You can smooth your hair if you have Alex Kingston hair like I do,  but there isn’t a curl control. Hm, interesting right? for your eyes, they’ve got to look as innocent and as precious as a little doe. You can whiten your whole eye, enhance your sclera, and change the color to a cat eye green, or what if you wanted to see what you’d look like with brown eyes. Yep, all of that is possible with the portrait Professional series.

The downside to this is that the free download promised is a trial. It won’t allow you to save the “new you.”

So, the upsides for this program can include change your face, which you obviously think needs changing, however you want. You can thin or fatten up your face, change your eyes, nose mouth, body, oh, and if you’re any relation to a Cullen, you can get tan! They have that under skin. Sounds perfect right. You might think so but, my fellow women listen to me.

The downside to this is that the “portrait professional” makes you fake. You are who you are. What’s that Bible verse, “You have been fearfully and wonderfully made,” We are Imago Dei which translates to “the image of God.” I wished to change my hair, my curly, blonde nappy hair. But I’ve learned to love it. Because it is who God, the God of all creation made me to be. Those blue eyes, yah, some people would call them dull, but God loves me for all that. My acne, sure, I wish I’d never have to pop another pimple on my forehead again (and yes, they always land right between the eyes, very embarrassing). Yah, I wish my boobs were bigger, still a 38A at 19. But that’s who God made me to be.

Who the hell am I, a puny human, to say to the Creator of the Universe, “You made me wrong!” He made every curl on my bushy head with Love. Unending, undying love. Amazing Grace. Our chains of insecurity, of shame, of being better have been crushed by the Power of the Cross. This is who we are. So when they ask us, “who are you? What makes you think you’re good enough?” simply reply with, in a calm authoritative voice. “A child of the One true King.” Who knows, you might score that job you’ve always wanted.

God loves you

but so do I. For whoever you are.

Whatever size your boobs are, however big or small your nose is, or your toes, or your eyes or hair. I love you because you are a child of the One True King. Why bow to any other, especially a computer generated manifestation of you? Look in the mirror, child. That’s good enough.

Side note:

ALAS there is such a thing as miracles… 38C now! HAHA to all those who said I was too flat chested and won’t ever be pretty cos my boobs aren’t big enough. HA. freaking. Ha!


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