The Woman or the Rapist: Who Are We Really Helping?



This week in psychology, we are studying “Sexual Dysfunctions: What are they?” There is a segment in the book where it focuses on violence, specifically rape. They make one out of seven paragraphs mention to the woman in this case. Just for the fact she’s drugged up. It goes on to seem to help the predator by an avoidance therapy – this is crazy. The man “suffering” from a pedophilia or a paraphilia disorder is sexually stimulated by images or sound bites. He then…well, precedes the natural way of things and pleasures himself. He is then punished by sometimes electric shock or some form of punishment.

What about the poor woman whose life will never be the same? It seems that they only mention her in

“The woman is usually drugged,

doesn’t know what’s happening,

doesn’t report to the police,

scared, may develop PTSD, relational problems and insomnia.”

This woman is a person, not a list of symptoms. In society today we have this knack for helping the abuser. The bleeding-hearts will be, “Well, God doesn’t give up on us so we shouldn’t.” While this is true, I’ve screwed up so many times and I’m still wanted, It’s also got nothing to do with God. This is a statutory matter of legal issues about the demeaning of women…as shown through time. This is nothing new but it seems that the way we deal with these things is wrong. Why aren’t we helping her? Getting her help? Letting her know she has a place to go?

And what will the liberals say to that? Where does the victim fit in? So many women are “victimized on the stand” as I’ve been told.

“You were wearing the wrong clothing,

You wanted it

It was your fault

You shouldn’t have been out that late.”

Where are the bleeding hearts now? Oh, in the jail cell telling the scum bag that he doesn’t deserve what happened  to her to happen to him.

As a society, let’s focus more on the woman, the true victim in any case of rape.

As a society, let’s not focus more on the man as we portray himhelpless to his sexual impulses.


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