Admit It!

Hey y’all, here is some different drama!

So by the title, this is not another page about Chris, although, I still feel that presence with me, and one night the second or the third of February, I felt someone in the middle of the night, take my hand in his – it was about as tangible as any hand – and kissed me quick on the cheek before it was gone. Not sure what that was but it was amazing and I fell asleep smiling after ūüôā Thank you to whoever did that.

Now, the drama I’m talking about is everyday drama. This week I went to a different church, one of our sister churches. It was¬†huge¬†compared to Claude’s little building and there was actually reserved parking for guests. I didn’t use it but some other people did. I went there in part because I’ve always wanted to see the church because it¬†is¬†my sister church. And ever since I learned that, I later found out that someone else goes there. Now, I hadn’t seen him in a long time. Too long. Then out of the blue I show up. I even surprised myself.

It was so weird to see him again and I knew it would be awkward. But I get there and I can’t catch my breath, my knees are weak, my heart skipped a beat. I was like WTH? Church ends with a good, sound message and then I walk out with my BFF and her boyfriend. They all keep telling me to go find the guy. Suddenly, I start protesting. I’m nervous, my knees really might have given out, and then she said jokingly behind me,

“Oh, hey, Luke!”

I literally jumped around, held my chest in place, and hopped back three steps. He wasn’t there.

Then I knew,

S%!# I like him. A lot. I always $8#*!^% HAVE!

So I go up there under the brave pretense to see him, maybe I don’t feel this. I’m looking, I’m looking…and like out of a horror movie where the evil guy is RIGHT¬†behind you¬†. That’s pretty much what happened. We both jumped a foot in the air and then he was with another girl. In one second, I¬†knew¬†for a¬†fact¬†I¬†really¬†liked him and that I was totally jealous and unprepared for the stints of emotion.

So the lesson here today kiddos? Don’t ignore those feelings, no matter how bad, little or seemingly insignificant they might be. The lesson here is listen to your heart. Believe me, ignoring crushes like this……not worth it.

thanks so, so much, thanks for hanging out with me today! If you want updates on what I’m doing you can follow the blog! I love you guys! Bye!


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