Hey, y’all,

I know it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted anything. I’ve had a thing called bloggers block. (It’s super annoying.) All right, so yesterday, I finally did it: got a tattoo! Another one.

BACKSTORY: Those scars under my boobs were killing me. They made my chest and my heart feel hideous. Gross. Unwanted. A broken girl. So, when my girlfriend wanted to get her next tattoo, I directed her to my friend who did my Chris Kyle Frog and my No More Fears, which are pictured below.

Chris Kyle Frog
And obviously my frog

NO MORE FEARS  (sorry, Instagram is stupid.)

We went there and she didn’t really like that she couldn’t get it done that day so we left, but not before I’d talked with Taylor. We chatted a little bit, the two of us, and he was happy with the tattoos and how they ended up. We were about to leave when I look up at him and ask him, “Hey, can I send you an idea I have for a tattoo on Facebook?” He grinned and said, of course I could.

The next few days passed but I finally messaged him and he said that he could easily do something like what I was thinking. This is the picture I sent him.

Original But I got a completely different final result. I’ll tag it below, along with the progress from start to finish. Originally, I wanted the tattoo to completely cover my scars on my body, but when I actually went to get a consultation, he was thinking more under my chest.

He’d  been very very respectful of my privacy, and it wasn’t awkward touching me.  He made the point that it’s only awkward because we (the customer) make it awkward. I tried my best to be cool about it, and in return, I picked up on his vibe, which was calm and polite. It didn’t bother me at all.

That day we’d decided to make this happen on Thursday, but just before then, that next day, I had to have vials of blood work drawn and it ended up being 12!!! So we rescheduled for yesterday.

On the way to pick up my partner in crime, I heard a still small voice in the back of my head, “This is who you are.”

I didn’t know what that meant. And then I started thinking, it may have meant don’t cover up your scars. You can still get the tattoo, but don’t let it be covered. This is who you are. This is what you’ve been through. It is very real, and it’s a part of your past and your heart.

By the grace of God, that’s how it ended up. I pick up Cassie and we go head out for another adventure. I sign some paperwork and Taylor had come up with something more beautiful than I ever though possible. I was gonna love it!! It is very close to my scars, and one piece of art has come up on my actual chest, but it’s like a gentle reminder that isn’t who I am anymore. It’s who I was.

Here is the artists interpretation:


For 5 and a half, more like 6 hours, I was charged $365. I think that was a phenomenal price for something that took so long! Plus I got tattoo medication and advice included in the price. I have never been in so much pain getting a tattoo, but it really beat me up. This morning, I felt like a snow plow had drove into my ribcage on my right side. But every thing was worth it in the end, even though right now it kind of feels like I have a rod hot iron stabbing me in the ribs.

Not to mention taking the masking tape off my skin was probably worse than the tattoo itself, taking off three layers of skin and all! Here is the progress. I’ve cropped some of them so it’s not to embarrassing. If you want the full pic, leave it in the comments! Till next time!


Half way there! (sort of)
Half way there! (sort of)

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