The Bridge

So, recently I heard about this poetry submission thing. They rejected the story, it might have scared them or been too religious. Or maybe just not good enough for them… Anyhow! I get to post it to you guys! Who obviously don’t mind religion 😉 Love y’all! By the way, darlings, it was inspired by the Ghost Whisperer theme!!! It’s haunting, it’s religious, and it’s beautiful!! Go. GO CHECK IT OUT!

A fog of uncertainty and insanity will rake through the path of adversity blinding those who choose to wait but resisting those who know their fate

A bridge they know, will cross them to life for if not, they know, it will all be in strife

In silence she stood, the bridge between
a consciousness, a knowingness and a world not seen It hasn’t been touched, but it’s always been felt
by the people who’s hearts still here they dwelt

the ones who loved the ones who mourn,
cry to the one who sees both yearn
“Will you help me?” They ask, a clutter of voices surround “Yes,” she answers,“As much as I’m allowed.”

The bridge is split, between two worlds it rests A curse of charity must always collect its debts She rips apart, her soul split in two,
But the reward she earned will be there soon.

On the bridge, there rests,
The lily that brings hope, while the bee reminds the lily of the promise of His mind
The growth of love, and the promise of community There she’ll see the unity.

A unity of marriage,
a love that transcends traditional caring They will still be together Though their anxiety falls like feathers

The bridge that cries, for the living and the dead, must also go home or she’ll start to dread. The lights are off, but one remains
a beacon of hope to the ones that are astray

The world unseen will soon be known to the one who’s gift she can’t say no

the lost one sits on an old chair
who’s life she holds closed, as a symbol of despair

To her life she regrets so many secrets never to face the light, even in the afterlife.

She’s blinded by doubts
and suffocated with fear,
with knowledge not enlightened
of the One who’s love will ever brighten

The bridge now glows, her beacon calls her near the lost can’t resist and she wouldn’t dare
by patience and virtue she will see
the bridge will know what can be.

Her life breaks apart, and out comes a bird That perches on her hand, as if it knows the words Her bonds fall off and she smiles
now she could see for miles

And across the bridge she floats, overtaken by a love greater than an illusion grandiose She crosses to her love, her bird is set free, Signifying time, is not as it seems

The man is stuck,
no bridge he’ll take, his mother’s memory overtakes him in its wake

Time stops for the man who waits,
but for those who move the clock has nothing but a face But the man who waits, his soul is torn,
he can’t get rid of the memory, from a woman who’s moved=on.

The war of peace conflicts with love
and she refuses to leave
to his heart, her soul fits like a glove

But the man looks at the bridge and sees errors in thought…he must move on and leave He, too is caught up in a soft wind, catching him up in an embrace with kin

the mother reduces to the ground where she finds her crowd she wont find her peace until her choices reflect the sound

The lost climb the ladder of uncertainty, into something explained Another surprise awaits
and lives will open, alas with care.

Love and beauty and life will take way the strife,
If only they are willing enough to let love erase their stuff

Bees surround the bridge between life and death, and though it’s deep, she has no fear of the depth she holds a lily on her edges,
a weed stuck in the crevasse

She can think of the life of loss
and smile at the cross
morphing and shaping, she takes human form a beautiful woman, far from norm

a faint smile paints her face

As she understands her fate
she is the bridge to a life of prime
the only one who can bring peace to those cursed with time


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