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Paris has now declared  their form of martial law after 158 people were murdered in Paris, France. No deaths occurred at the stadium. At the concert venue: this is where where the vast majority of people, humans were killed. Terrorists were shouting “Allahu Akbar!” And continued to murder more human beings. And still, people say they have no idea who did this. 2 hours ago Police confirm to Fox News that the hostage situation at the Bataclan concert hall is over, and that two attackers have been killed. More recently, the savages were said to have blown themselves up with their suicide vests. Police did not kill them: they killed themselves when authorities advanced on them.

The carnage inside the music venue ended around midnight local time when French police stormed inside, killing three Kalashnikov-toting gunmen who witnesses said wore flak jackets as they slaughtered horrified spectators. The victims had gathered to see the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal, and a handful managed to escape to tell of the horror taking place inside where the killers shouted “This is for Syria!” and “Alahu Akhbar!” as they cut down patrons from a balcony before the band took the stage.

Julien Pierce, a Europe 1 journalist who was inside the Bataclan, described what he saw to the BBC.

“It lasted between 10 and 15 minutes,” he said. “It was extremely violent and there was panic. The attackers had enough time to reload at least three times. They were very young.”

There are more attacks in Paris. This was a coordinated attack on our sister country. A soccer game came under attack as well, containing the President of France, François Holland.

President Hollande, as has been reported, was at the stadium and safely evacuated. The diplomat tells Fox News the evacuation operation for the president was “pretty quiet and discreet. The security officer told him to go and they got him out of there.”

Asked if there had been increased chatter in the days leading up to this, the official noted that Paris has been on high alert since the Hebdo attack. The term “high alert” in France is not a colloquialism but a technical term that refers to the highest state of terror readiness possible. After tonight’s events, that status has been extended to the entire country.

Asked if any Americans were believed to be held, hurt or killed, the official said that given the venues and the numbers involved, the victims “are not going to be all French.”

Also, a restaurant in Paris fell victim to terrorism.

A French diplomat tells Fox News there are at least two situations still ongoing, including the Bataclan; and that at least three other situations, involving the two restaurants and the stadium, are under control and not considered live situations.

The terrorists also claim that this is just the beginning. That they will now continue this terrorism. They also said that American’s blood is the sweetest, and will be thirsty to taste it. This is just a paraphrase, but they are savages. I expect nothing less.

My heart breaks for the people in Paris, tonight. There were many many unnecessary deaths tonight. But it was long coming. They don’t do anything to crush the head of their serpents. They refused to admit that there is evil out there. There is! And this is the work of it! The president, however, of France, keep in mind, that this declares war. A war that will be pitiless.

So, I say to the savages out there: Bring it on. You will be met with more force than you ever expected. And we will die gladly for our God. For our Country. And for our Family. Hooyah!

Stay safe. Stay vigillant, and stay ready…

Stay ready to fight.


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