The F*ck Chris Kyle Campaign/Defending Chris

I explain it all in a response video to the young Turks foolishness, and the reaction and hate on Chris Kyle, still today. I don’t care when this would have happened, I don’t care. It shouldn’t have ever happened. And yes, this is a campaign started by a liberal pig who calls herself a journalist, Abby Martin.


And watch their video HERE. They say that he broke his hand hitting a horse…or a cattle, they say. He broke his hand falling off a horse that basically trampled him! Yes, did he EVER hit a horse? No.

Abby Martin claims she was threatened, but I have not found a shred of evidence or even screenshots on her twitter account. I found some insults and maybe one thing by a Marine that could be considered threatening, but never the threats she described.

But she can wear a ‘fuck Chris Kyle’ tank top and not expect at least someone to go, “Fuck. No! That’s my hero. That’s my friend, that’s the American Soldier who wasn’t even awarded a warriors death. Who died helping a “veteran”” A man that was slaughtered. And his friend. And yet, they still don’t have any respect. Starting a legitimate campaign “fuck Chris Kyle.”

It makes me sick. There are more important things and more deadly things than words and he knew that. But he is dead. For the love of God that you claim you believe in, let that man rest in peace. He fought and died for your right to slander him! Though they say Jesse Ventura should get millions of dollars for something that I believed happened. Defamation my ass, Ventura!

And to the young Turks: Defamation is a statement that gives a negative impression of a person, company, group, product, government, or country. The statement is made as though it were true, when in fact, it is false. Defamation can be slander, which is made with spoken words, sounds, sign language, or gestures. Defamation in any other form, like in printed words or pictures, is libel. To be considered defamation, the claim has to be false, it has to be made as if it were true, and it has to have been communicated to people other than the entity being defamed. Some states do permit suits for libel or slander to be brought on behalf of the estate of a deceased person in some circumstances. The definition of libel in Texas includes written words that “tend to blacken the memory of the dead.”

Read more:

But most importantly, my love and support for you, Chris, and your family live on. Always got your six, Mr. Kyle. Love ya!

And I love y’all too!


11 thoughts on “The F*ck Chris Kyle Campaign/Defending Chris”

  1. Since the Young Turks haven’t been on any ordinary TV channels in a couple years, I had not heard a word about this issue until I read your article. (I don’t find online news to be any more reliable than shows about bigfoot or UFOs.) It’s only their opinion, they can say anything they want because you can’t easily defame, slander or libel a dead person (no monetary damages), and you strongly disagree with their views. I would let it go.

    Whatever his life was or wasn’t before his murder, Chris Kyle died because he didn’t realize that shooting is not now, and never was a valid form of therapy. You can want to help people, be wrong about how, and sometimes be dead wrong about it. He’s not the first victim of that misconception, and he won’t be the last.


    1. Mikey, he was going off of experience. He himself gain confidence and therapy and comfort from shooting, as did many of his clients and people he helped. He asked Routh if he would like to shoot. He said yes. The PEOPLE are the problem. NOT THE GUN!


      1. Sorry. It’s not as simple as absolving the guns. I’ve worked as a psych tech, with a number of PTSD vets, and in dementia care too. You don’t perform any dangerous activity because the person suffering from mental illness suggests it! If you are working with a patient with these kinds of challenges, and you put a weapon in their hands, you are putting yourself needlessly in harm’s way. If it goes bad, it’s your negligence too, as it was in Kyle’s case.

        So yes, the people were the main, but not the entire problem…Kyle not being credentialed, merely well-meaning and with a shared background to the vets. He was part of the problem. The other guy being mentally ill was a part of the problem. And inappropriate access to a gun was part of the problem too. They could have boxed, or done hand-to-hand practice, or even shot hoops.

        There’s a reason why VA-sanctioned activities and sports are supervised by doctors, Nurse-Practitioners, or Physician’s Assistants…


      2. But he specifically said he’d like to go shooting. He thought it would help. I am also under the impression that Chris was set up. It was NOT Chris’ fault! He had his own credentials and experience. PLUS! Chris had no indication, other than his gut feeling that there was a history of mental illness! He never would have said yes, should he have known. And so what do you suggest, gun control? That’s an insult to All Chris and now Taya stand for! Look up this video I link below.


      3. I suggest that nobody “plays doctor” who isn’t one, that’s all. Chris Kyle had ZERO credential in any form of psychology or counseling! When the troubled guy’s mother approached him, he should have known enough to say, “You know, this is really above my pay grade. Let’s ask his doctor first.”


    2. Also, have you ever been on the end of a gun? Lol! It’s fantastic! It’s very calming for me. But you can’t blatantly state something that has no scientific proof, because science only works when the object is absolute. Human nature is ever changing.

      So, as a human being to another human being I invite you, if you want, to go shooting! Go take a class. Or take a trained partner, listen or just go shoot or even dry fire behind a rifle!! 😄


      1. I grew up in a rural area and was very comfortable with guns. I live too near too many people now, and I also believe in things like alarms and insurance. I never need a gun now.

        I didn’t experience a “rush” or any more pleasure from shooting than I did from properly driving in a nail with a hammer. (Photography of wild animals I don’t try to harm or disturb is much more exciting these days.)


      2. Also. You are missing the point. Chris Kyle is dead. People are dissing him. I’m just a girl defending someone who can’t defend himself anymore. Watch my video, I try to explain it.


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