Prayer for the Broken Girl

Let’s face it: we all feel the pain of our past creeping up upon us in the late hours of the night. Sometimes, they are just worse than other nights. And if that’s you, let me pray. Follow along in your heart, and let it go. Tonight, don’t hold it back. Realize the reality and severity of what happened to you, and let it go. Forgive tonight. Forgive yourselves.

Tonight, Father I pray for the broken girl. Anyone struggling with my afflictions tonight. Scars or dreams or memories, let them all stop in Your name. Lay your hand on their heart and realese them from their jail that someone else put them in. Show them they have the key to unlock it with only Your power and mercy.

Teach me to see with your loving eyes, to see the hurting and help them. Give me dicernment, Father. Help me help the hopeless and give me hope too. 

Hope that there is a tomorrow. A brand new Day1 and that the healing has begun. I pray that for everyone tonight. They and I will recognize this moment is only temporary and to praise you. To lift you up high. And not the abuser. 

Whoever it is, help them realize he is not important. Help them see you were with them the whole time. Watching them, watching over them. Help them see that the tender mercies all around. Help them see the bigger picture. Show them they have a purpose and a new life in You. Their day one starts now. 

I love you, Jesus. My precious friend. You never left me, it was You and me all through the story of my life. 

Tomorrow or some time this week I’ll make a video with a devotion from Matthew West. He is my friend and will and might be yours too. I’m having it hard tonight…. Because I found the rest of my damned scars. I found ‘mine’ written all over my breast, and my mind replayed the pain. I felt the pain of the newly found scars. It was gone quickly though.

So I tuned into my music. It was playing a haunting song. It’s called Haunted by Evanescence. These are the lyrics 

Long lost words whisper slowly to me

Still can’t find what keeps me here

When all this time I’ve been so hollow inside

(I know you’re still there)
Watching me and wanting me

I can feel you pull me down

Fearing you, loving you

I won’t let you pull me down
Hunting you, I can smell you alive

Your heart pounding in my head
Watching me and wanting me

I can feel you pull me down

Saving me, raping me, watching me

and I soon turned it off and begged for a new song, one to help me through this moment. It was Matthew West. The healing has begun. 

It’s right here for you. And so am I. And so is God. Reach to him tonight. You’ll find him. 

The Healing Has Begun


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