Why I Still Post To Facebook

Facebook is the platform of nefarious social media plans to take place. It usually causes nothing but drama. It creates nothing but malcontent and death threats, when dare I defend my political position, in my annoying this is how it is, shut up and color, way. I have been called a whore, bitch, white trash, slut all in one very long run-on sentence (much like this one)! I have had the threat of execution and told where I lived to all of this individual’s friends.

I thought about deleting my account after that, I mean? Luckily, Tolly came to my defense, as well as a lot of other people. Each of whom reported this person and told them to back off from me. T, being the smart English man that he is, focused on how it never put a period. Or how it never put punctuation and how the words appear terribly misspelled. In short, I found out who my friends were, and Tolly is one of them. Without a doubt, he’s a good guy.

Okay, aside from the guy rant,

I could have easily deleted my account. But I didn’t; here is why:

  1. I wasn’t about to let some he/she drive me off of communicating with my so called friends that I don’t see anymore. (I do not know if it was a guy or a girl. I swear! I think it’s a guy, but it never posted a crotch shot)
  2. That is my platform for politics, no way I’m going to let some raving lunatic (a real lunatic, Young Turks) push me off that platform.
  3. I want to remember what I did. I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook is an excellent journal like a piece of crap. But it’s a beautiful way to keep track of what you did. So this is why I still use it. I forget things a lot! I have a steno pad shoved in my purse at all times, with a pen tied to the metal holdings! I always need it. I’m pretty much always checking things off. So, today I put up, finally, that I got a job and an internship in the same week. Two great jobs, both of which lands me where I want to go! I wanted to post it not so everyone would know. I didn’t do it to impress the guy I like (I swear, girls, it’s just one now). I didn’t do it for fame from my 70 friends. I did it for me. To come back years later, scroll through my old posts, and remember the day I got an internship with the Odyssey. I can remember when I started working at my Editing job and what it’s called! I’ll remember and be grateful later.

Just some midnight thoughts! Take it into consideration as you go through your life. Don’t do it for the fame. Do it for you! Do something you’re going to be grateful doing years later. And keeping an online journal is a good place to start. But uh, ladies, lay off the gazillion selfies.


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