Story of Voting

So as I’m going to go VOTE at the Western Branch Primary School, to vote for our presidential candidates. I run into the ladies who take your ID and make sure you can vote. I’m sporting my Chris Kyle shirt. Not five seconds after smiling at her and asking her if she had a good day did she mention she liked my shirt.

Me: “Oh, thanks so much!”
Her: “Yah, I like Chris Kyle…” She slowly trails off, like she was a little shy.
Me: Suddenly talking a little Texas-accented, “Well, I’m here because he can’t vote. So I’ll vote for him…I hope.” I meant that I hoped he would have voted the way I did. By his heart.

Guy who is supervising:
“There is not a better shirt to wear to go vote!”

Moral of the story:

‪#‎govote‬. Do it because people like ‪#‎thelegend‬‪#‎chriskyle‬ cannot! Show him that you’ve got his back! Go vote because J. Christopher Stevens cannot. Go vote because Sean Smith cannot… Vote for Glen Doherty and Tyrone S Woods. Vote for Danny Deitz, Axe, the Murph… The ‪#‎murphtheprotector‬. if you don’t like the nominees, get the hell over it. It’s better than not voting! Get over yourself. Vote for the people who have died for that right!! Seriously people. The liberals vote for whoever is on the ballot, be smarter than them, please don’t be dumb and dumber.





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