Trump Thoughts

“Make America Great Again”. We all know what this is from. Donald Trumps campaign headlines this phrase; It is precisely we people are moving towards him. Donald Trump is as Rush Limbaugh puts it is, “the Cork Popping After Years of Political Correctness.” Finally, we have someone willing to say what they feel! No matter what bleeding heart liberal might be offended. And he scares Washington and their corruptness. Capitol Hill Syndrome, is what I like to call the bureaucrats in the Government, yes, in its entirety. Since we never gave Ben Carson a chance, because we thought a neurosurgeon wouldn’t be good enough, Trump is equally as great. Here is why…agree or not.

Now, I know you are going to need some advice and, to prove my worthiness, trustworthiness, and factual nature, I’ll speak from a friend. Rush Limbaugh’s words. I have listened to him since I was a baby. He is a man I trust. Talent, on loan, from God: From Rush Limbaugh’s words himself, here it is:

“Trump’s speaking in ways that men today still speak, when they’re not hounded by the modern eclipse of feminism and its supporters. Men speak this way to each other. They crack jokes this way to each other. It does not make them bad people…That debate last night was the second debate in a row where we actually had the subject of penis length discussed in a presidential debate, related to the size of a candidate’s hands….[And you might think it’s over the top] And it may be over the top, but the reason it’s happening is because there have been so many invisible shackles put on people who are walking around on eggshells in this country for the last 30 years, afraid to be themselves, afraid to say what they really think, be who they really are, for fear they’re gonna get fired, for fear that somebody’s gonna lodge a complaint against ’em and be called before some tribunal to explain themselves, when there’s nothing wrong with them.”

This was written March 4th, 2016. It’s a transcript of exactly what was said on his radio show. That is precisely why we all like Trump. But I’ll put it in my words now, so you see who I am, not who I support. This is why I, and others like me, love trump. Not all of us, of course, but most of us are sick and tired. We’re ready for revolution, because,

1.) We’re sick of Capitol Hill Syndrome. Utopia cannot exist.

2.) We send politicians up there to change it. They don’t do anything.

3.) We have unimaginable debt. From the national debt live counter, we have 19,105,063,400,000 and counting in debt! We need a miracle to get us out of this one. And by the time Obama finally leaves, our debt is likely to be over 20 trillion!

4.) 94 million people are unemployed.

5.) We give illegal immigrants more than our boys who come home, fighting for our freedoms.

This is why we love him. He’s going to change that. I’ve come to the realization that whether or not he is a “true conservative” (he is not! He never said he was!) he is going to turn this country around. He will either bring us to war, which is historically proven to be great for the economy, or he will use his special set of skills to bring us out of debt, even just a little. He will close the boarders. Because he gets it! We are a country and we cannot allow this terrorism to continue on. With ISIS (Yes, it is ISIS, not ISIL! ISIL removes the fact that my precious Israel is an independent nation, so stop saying that!) or our POTUS!

Trump is far from perfect. But our pendulum is swinging so far left we need to get it right. In every sense of the word. Trump isn’t a chauvinist swine. He’s a man not afraid to speak what he feels, because it might “offend” someone.


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