The Ordinary Legend

Did he ever leave the rodeo?

I recently joined the Odyssey team at Regent. I have decided to make a post on Chris Kyle. It was the night before I’d had another dream about him. Usually, he’s just calmly watching me (and it feels protective), and then my friend posted something on my Facebook wall saying how Chris was a hero, not a coward. So I wrote on it. I would guess the majority of people who know about Chris Kyle know about him through what the media tells. I decided to show you the Chris Kyle that I knew about growing up. It is important to show you a side of The Legend you may not have heard.

So please read, and then share with your friends. That’s the way we change the world and the reason we are here. To spread the truth, as best as I can understand it. All information was taken from his book. I cite from the hardcopy version of the original American Sniper. I can not guarantee the other versions of his book will be the same, have the same format or page number. However, you can probably find it online.

Have a great week!!


The Ordinary Legend: Did he ever leave the rodeo?





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