It’s Been a While

Three long months has passed!! I missed posting to you guys a lot. You’re still viewing this, so that’s great. I have been accepted to the Odyssey at Regent, though it comes with its catches, as with everything. So far it’s been great. But this week, I can’t publish my article because I accidentally plagiarized. The only information on the lives of





was on Wikipedia only. Stupidly, being emotional and not thinking, I didn’t include where I got my information. So they will not publish it. But alas, I have you! So, yeah, if you just look up Benghazi attack 2012 on Wikipedia, it’ll tell you about the two Navy SEALs. It’s sad how little information there is on these men who gave their lives. So  I’m going to tell you their story. Coming very soon…like in ten minutes!!

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