A Warning on the Spirit World

It seems as if it’s been forever since I’ve posted. By the time I’d written, ‘Another Dream’  I was so far into my schoolwork that it took over my life. I haven’t been able to write hardly anything for months now. It’s suddenly a quiet weekend, and I’ve had interesting revelations come to me.

Okay, so luckily I remember what my dream was about. It was the day that Britain succeeded from the UN. (I had part of my dream include a British man trying to talk to me). Well, suddenly, I’m in this weird cabin, but it’s a haunted place that you go to for scares.

Now, I don’t know if any of you know about the Vampire Diaries, but one of the characters grandmothers was suddenly there in my dream. She’s a witch.  This woman suddenly tells me something that had been on my mind. I feel presences in my dreams sometimes, but this time, I felt two. Without saying anything, the woman told me,

“Be careful, Hailey.”

I frowned at her and told her,

“I feel him and then someone else, what’s going on?” She answered me calmly.

“There two spirits, but only one of them is your friend.”

I nodded. She listened more to the spirit world. What I didn’t like about this dream was that I could feel that presence and then my friend. I knew my friend was there, but then I could tell something was blocking him. Something was trying to stop him from getting to me, and my friend was concerned.

“There are two of them, one of them pretends to be your friend. The other real one is, in a sense, trapped. You must be careful who you trust. You know the difference,” she said, suddenly, lightening her tone. I don’t remember what happened after that.

Well tonight, something like that happened. Someone was impersonating to be my friend. It was inappropriate and never something that he would even joke about because he knows everything about me. I quickly realized what was happening and then my real, more powerful friend showed up in the same clothing the imposter was wearing. The imposter perfectly mimicked his features and his mannerisms, except for the inappropriate behavior towards me. Finally, my friend said, with a touch of annoyance, rather than fear,

“Get out of here, now! Cut it out.” It was a stern warning. This bad spirit still pretended to be my friend and continued his perverse behavior. My real friend suddenly popped into some new clothes, one that I liked and he looked at me with those kind familiar eyes and made me believe that it was he.. This other spirit finally left me alone after Jesus, again, showed up. The evening was fun afterward, though I was completely alone.

The point is, it’s starting to get scary out there. Both in the world and in the spirit world. We’re constantly trying to be deceived by Satan, and we need constant vigilance. I think of Peter 5:8 which says,

“Be sober; be vigilant. For the devil, your adversary, walks among you, roaring like a lion, seeking whom he may devour.”

Like I said, the world is getting scarier out there. Always be on the lookout. Whatever your weakness is, and for me it’s my friend, look out for it. Trust no one. Except for your Lord. Look towards the Spirit of truth to guide you and never loose faith.

I hope to write again shortly, and I miss you guys. Thanks so much for staying with the website, and I’ll bring you more stuff as I can.

Goodnight Sweeties!


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