I Am A Sad Drunk #TBT

Let me make this Throwback Thursday a funny one. I believe I will do these from now on. I like making myself write:

Let us throwback!

Twice now, twice I have been drunk. And by that I mean S&!t faced drunk. The first time was awful, complete with at least 26 hour recovery time. Horrible hangover. But after about an hour and a half, my mom found in my own bathroom; Crying my heart out because I earnestly thought that she was mad at me. Now, thing is, I was home the whole time, I was drinking at home, I was 21, I was upset and experimenting, which probably added to the crying, but I was with my friends and family who have ALL been there done that. But, I  thought, besides the facts,  beyond any reasonable doubt, my mother now hated her ‘drunken daughter’ and that I was a disappointment. She just let me cry it out.

This most recent time, two nights ago, I was drunk again. Had too much Dirty Martinis. It usually doesn’t affect me like it did but man I felt it. It was late at night so everyone but me and my dumbass self, are awake, and I’m  dry heaving over my laptop! Bad idea number one. I didn’t think I needed to do this over the toilet, it was obvious nothing was coming up.

Now, in my drunken delirium, and in between dry heaving I feel this presence with me. All the sudden I start crying again, like a different part of my brain is apologizing to said spirit. I say, almost out loud,

“Chris!” As in Kyle. “I’m so sorry,” Sobbing continues,

Confused spirit was confused and asked me why I was sorry. I said, in between sobs,

“I’m drunk again!” He laughed and told me if he could count the number of times he’s been in my position he would do so. I start smiling as I realize the dead are not disappointed. Again, still drunk. He gently tells me to go back to sleep, that it was all gonna be all right. The same thing, without the almost puking, started again when I woke up, again, I started crying. A comforting spirit, the same one, said,

“Stop cryin’, girl! You haven’t done anything wrong, just relax, I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t want to. Relax and just go to sleep!”

And that was pretty much it. Point: don’t be a sad drunk if you can help it. I want to hear some stories of your experiences. I’m a fresh 21 year old, also, so bare with me. And there you have it, throwback Thursday number one. I’m expecting to have something by next Thursday if not sooner. Have a great night, y’all and I love you!



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