ISIS – Vision of darkness

This is my vision/story. There is so much I need to process. It’s terrifying to me, but I’m comforted in knowing that this all most come to pass. In case you didn’t know, ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Our president is a radical Islamist and will do anything to help them behead the non-believers. You have probably heard this radical Islamist refer to them as ISIL. ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. This name the president gives is so he does not have to refer to Israel as an independent nation.

This is who is leading our country. I wanted you aware of that before I shared with you my dream.

Dreams or Visions,

 12:50 am.

November 23, 2014

I’ve dreamed a lot of weird dreams. I’ve dreamed when the soldier leaves for duty of America. I’ve dreamed the sun rising in the West. I’ve dreamed about my beloved mentor rescuing me from my father. This one was not a dream. I wasn’t…asleep, per se. This is something I have to pay attention to, it was something different. I’ve got tones of emotions flooding through me now and I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight.

I believe this dream is figurative…and literal. There are many aspects. So, where to start…I was dozing off thinking about anything when I very quickly fell asleep. I closed my eyes and here’s what I saw. It couldn’t have been more than five minutes I was out of time, or at least unaware of it. The “vision” lasted only a few seconds and was completely painless.

I saw through the eyes of a tourist touring the middle east in Syria. I was there, but not there at the same time. I was participating, yet observing. It was weird. I had a Christian with me, I could just tell. There were no definite signs of it. A lot of this didn’t make sense when in the vision, but remembering it, my mind is filling in the gaps.

I was filming around this place when I heard a scream. I was suddenly transported closer…..

I have to cut off here and tell you that as I’m writing this there is a spiritual war going on. Right now. It’s  happening now to stop me from writing this. Satan hates this and that makes me smile. He’s trying his best to make me stop writing. To give me uncomfortable feelings, guilt, shame, confusion, saying I’m not good enough to write this! You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You have lost, Satan.
You have lost, Satan.

He was whispering in my ear and scaring me. I closed my eyes and told him to stop. He didn’t. So I faced him, knowing that I’m safe. It was hard to feel Jesus with me but he is always there…always. When I need him, and even when I think I don’t. I told Satan to get behind me. In my Lord’s name, Jesus, I said get behind me.” I said, “Jesus,” three times and he is sent away from me. He had a sword and I felt two Angels protecting me. I put my back to my Lord and He said, “Stay behind me.” We both told him to leave and he had to. He had to flee. It took maybe fifteen more seconds before he left completely. My room is safe again with my God and Jesus here. Satan told me, “You should be afraid of me.” I answered him, still back to back with Jesus and said, “Why? The God of Angel armies is always by my side! Now leave! Leave me be.” The angels around me drew their swords and took a defensive position.

I heard Jesus say as he wrapped his warm arms around me say, “She’s mine.” I was comforted. 

The LORD Is my shepherd
The LORD Is my shepherd

He’s still here with me know, as is God the Father. The spirit is giving me peace and my heart is okay now. I have a 17-year-old part of me who is my best friend. We’ve had some great times, talks and jumping up and down. Miss 17-year-old is not leaving my side tonight. I don’t think Jesus will be going anywhere tonight either.  Let’s try this again.  Satan and his demons can’t stop me now. Oh, but he is trying.

….closer, closer to the screaming people. There was a narrow archway, with papers everywhere of the newest sign of the end times: the same currency.

I am screaming at Satan with all my heart and Jesus and these two angels beside me. They said they’ll protect me. No one will harm me. This is an exhausting battle and one I’ll not forget.

Knowing God will keep you from the wolves.
Knowing God will keep you from the wolves.

the newest sign of the end times:….the same currency, no more money, no more cash, only fools gold. It was declaring this in the Muslim tongue and their psychotic script. Then I saw it. It was at first a giant spider. And by giant I mean a small child. It was scurrying away, toward the archway, then suddenly turned around towards a group of faithful Christians. I could tell it was an attack on Christians. There were only three Atheists that jumped back with the Christians, of course they were hiding behind the mob of warriors. Then I saw ISIS walking behind the spider. As they did, they were saying something…it was dark chanting. As this was happening, I saw the spider warp and grow and stretch and contort itself until its head was replaced by a long, worm-like body. It had four limbs on top of the eight which made it twelve limbs it walked on. Its face was the face of a demon. A demon that  barely had a face, but was black as tar. Its teeth were charcoal. It snarled.

I knew its eyes were yellow. I heard it hiss toward these Christians. They all backed up again. It hissed again. I thought God might intervene soon. Then something happened,  light from behind me exploded. This thing saw it too, and I saw its face change from champion to terrified in one look and it was taken up by an invisible beam and it disappeared along with those terrorists.

I can literally breathe easier now that it’s over with. It’s been almost an hour since I’ve been writing. What a freaking night this has been! I’m exhausted spiritually and my neck and shoulders are hurting a bit.

I have never ever experienced anything like this! I’ve felt evil with me, but never this clearly. This clearly did Satan express his hate for me….and so clearly did Jesus express his love for me. His undying, unending perfect love. What a savior we have! I love him more than my heart can say. I’m going to try very hard to remember that. Remember that Jesus loves me. It was He who gave up his life for me. He wore a crown of thorns and died for me…by me.

Now I know what love is.

nunc scio quid sit amor;

Love is Jesus. Thank you for saving me.

All to you I surrender.  Take me
All to you I surrender.
Take me.

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