Murph Day 4.

Hey guys,

Today has been busy, work and school wise and working out. I got up at 7:10am with a cup of coffee (that was guzzled, hot!) before I went to work at 8:00. I got off after 1:00 after a good talk with my buddy. I was working out between while putting stuff away.

I got home and dozed off for a few hours. Then I went to the YMCA. I joined a new one and got a student discount. I’m there for 20$ a month! That’s pretty awesome. It’s an independent organization, so that is why.

Just another testimony to the indies! (Joseph)

So, I got there right around four, signed up, and went up to the track. Here is a summary of my workout. One of the most influential pieces is music.

Never give up
Never give up
never never never never never!

I have created Murph Challenge Workout Playlist.

I’ll link it below on spotify!

But here is what I did for today. I’m pretty sore and I’m whiped out. My arms are sore! Here ya go!

1 mile. 20 min. Majority running. On the track it is 17 laps to a mile. 

Music: Girlfriend, QRF en Route, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rebel Beat, and Murphy’s Ridge.

Can you hear that noise? It’s a rebel sound!

2 minute rest.

50 push-ups in 5 minutes.

Music: Shaking Hands, Gives You Hell. Cool off and reflection to Chris and Murph to Hearts I Leave Behind

Scapula Exercise. 20 Reps 10lbs each hand,

No music

Pull ups 50 assisted. The pull up machine was not working and these petty women made me feel uncomfortable. It was also pretty crowded. 

Cool off to Waking Up from Lone Survivor and Superheroes by the Script. 

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today, and we will take on the world again tomorrow!


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