Murph day 5

hey you guys. So today was really good workout wise. I woke around 9am and hung out. I did  a butt workout before Mum had to run errands. so I was a sitting duck till about 1:30. By 1:45 I was at my new home.

today, like I said, was really a lot better than the other day. 1 mile in 20 min was frustrating. So today I pushed. Hard.

The difference, warmup! This is essential to a workout, especially when I don’t run a lot.

So so I warmed up to Rebel Beat by The Goo goo dolls and then restarted the song to start the run. I made it all the way through that one and 2 min of girlfriend by Avril. She’s awesome. Amazingly, I was so fast and had a very nice presence. I ran it in about 10 min. On this track its 17 laps to a mile. I ran 14 and walked 3.

Cool off then back downstairs.

Pull ups for nine minutes (#?)

Buso abs few minutes

40 Squats with 12lb weight

When I went home I got a drink, Arizona tea and Vodka to take the edge off. Dan made some awesome burritos so I had one. All the good breakfast stuff!

One thing that I’ve forgotten to mention is that every day, usually, I have Omega 3 pills. Each is 1200 mg: do the research, omegas are amazing for your body, and such. They have proven it. So then I take 2 vitamin E pills and a multivitamin. Then some gummy. And then a dose of antacids chewable. Those tums have tones of Calcium which, for me as a women, is awesome for me.

That’s about it. I chilled out for the rest of the night. I’m wiped out again tonight. So that’s all for now. I close you guys, so much!

Never quit, never give up, never ever retreat! (I’ve been saying that since I was a little girl.)


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