Get a Journal

Have you ever heard that annoying joke, “That girls diary is her best friend.” Let me tell you something: that it is the truth! This little blank paged book has everything you could need to write your own story! I’ve written thirteen entries in the past two months. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but I really really want to save this Journal where I can write my adventures! The story of your life.

Journaling can be very cathartic and useful in many ways.

  • A journal contains your deepest darkest secrets, and she won’t tell anyone
  • It can be used as a dream journal
  • Cookbook
  • Catch phrases
  • The little things in life
  • Tear catcher

I use my journal for everything except a tear catcher and a cook book

I recorded a dream I had on June 6th, 2014. It was one that I didn’t want to forget so I wrote it down. I’ll post it below. I’d be glad if you read it, but not mad if you don’t 🙂 If you don’t read it, my closing remarks are this: If you’re like me and hate talking to people about feelings then you may want a Journal. I just wrote the most personal thought I have in my head in the diary. I’ll make a follow up video tomorrow to show you all about it and the Journal itself, but having a Journal is very cool.

You are literally inking in the story of your life!

I had a weird dream last night (June 5th, 2014). It was a bad one but I was saved by my Savior….again. It started with a woman (this totally sounds like a set-up to a bad joke) with blonde hair calling me, asking me for help of a haunting. In the dream, I was able to sense/feel spirits kind of like Kim Russo. The haunted woman had like a Chronicles of Narnia wardrobe and a stain glass window. As soon as I notice the window do I sense the spirit is also attached to the window. I took a closer look at the stain glass window and noticed that it was my Grandmothers. Suddenly, I was weak with fear and I was transported back into my room. The demon was still with me.

I yelled out for Jesus and of course I had the strength of God in me.I had the confidence to turn around and face the demon. It had on black clothes and I was scared, but remembered that God was there. I prayed more, because it was all I could do and I felt an angel with me, striking down the threat…my father. Before he did he whispered in my ear, “I’m still here.” God was there with his hand on my shoulder and his voice in my heart saying, “Now I’m here, my love.” I felt another presence but something told me it was going to be fine. I sensed my Grandmother here. My lovely Grandmother came to save me. She smiled at me and then…

I woke up in cold sweats.

I’ll tell you guys for sure…this is one dream I’ll never forget.

Goodnight bloggers, off you go!


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