Remove The Negative

I’m back! School has kicked into full swing and midterms are quickly approaching. The late hours are ideal times to write. So things that help, the page, is sort of what helps me. Recently, the past post, has been about a general idea about what to do to yourself to make yourself feel better!

This one is about cutting out the negative. Be the hero of your own story! The only author of the moment is you!

Here is a great video I found making its way in the internet a while back! Check it out here 

Everything he says  in the video I completely back up, but you know what sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. And sometimes the right has to pleasure yourself and to nurse your heart.

You can not please all people. If you set out to endeavor on that philosophy of life, one of two things will most likely happen. You’ll either

  1. Fail miserably because someone is always going to have an issue with you, no matter what you do.
  2. You yourself become miserable trying to please the world that gives you little in return.

When I said to do the right thing, you can certainly do that for yourself! Haven’t you earned it? If you are unhappy, sinking, or just not living the life that you want to: make a change in your life. Do something different, throw yourself from that theoretical cliff!

Cut out the negative in your life and see what happens. Even if it’s just one bad person a day, see what happens. I can tell you your life will change. Because it is not the same life that you’re unhappy with!

  1. Love yourself enough to dump the negative things off.
  2. Move on!
  3. Trust that God has much better plans than you could ever meet with that person holding you back.

On that note, goodnight sweetie’s!

Stay beautiful you!


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