Work Out!

If you are like me and lucky to have a fantastic mom who loves to workout, she probably tried to get you into it at one point in your life. My mom and I are huge workout fanatics and it’s thanks to this that I’m somewhat of a normal person. Working out is fun, beneficial to your health both mentally and physically, and…if we’re being honest (which we are because this is an honest blog :-)) you feel like a total badass afterwards.

Now, working out has many scientifically proven benefits. I could spout to you a lot of scientific things that help when working out, but this is probably the main “scientific” reason that you feel better when working out. When you jump on a treadmill (which you do not need to do for hours on end) or start to run your brain releases chemicals into your body which makes you feel better. The chemicals are serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. Same reason chocolate makes you feel better. Not only is it scientifically good for your body, try it yourself. Don’t listen to the experts for truth, you know your body better than they do. What hurts, what makes it feel better. Listen to your body.

Workout out for me personally has benefits like looking good and feeling good. I feel as if I accomplished something that day if I worked out, and with the workout that I do, it takes 12 minutes of your time. I will be dedicating a post to the workout that I do at home, but for  this post it is the emotional benefits of working out.

Feeling sexy is the first step to being sexy. It helps though when you start to take control of your own body. It’s quite empowering, actually and a healthy amount of control of something is what we all crave. Working out allows you to change yourself because you are the only person who can do that. You can change the way that you look!

I have a confession: I have tummy issues. I’ve never ever been happy with the way my tummy looked. I always thought I looked fat and people were looking at me weird because I had such thin arms and legs but I wasn’t happy with my tummy. I still wish I were thinner sometimes, and other times I look in the mirror and realize my progress. Looking back I was never fat, ever, but there is a very obscure muscle right near your pubic bone. I will also go more in depth in the post about this muscle, but when you engage that muscle, you instantly will notice a difference.

It’s called the transverse muscle and it wraps around you like a girdle. It’s such a cool muscle and it helps with the flatness of your tummy as soon as you engage it. How you do that, and I’ll go more in depth with a video, but the basics of this is you need to pretend like you’re about to cough or sneeze. Or do the motion and wait for a sneeze. You’re going to bear down with that sneeze and you’ll feel it near your pelvis. It’s such a cool feeling. Try it if you want in a mirror or something cough, and hold that muscle. And it’s not just for one use, hold that muscle all day if you want. If you want to walk the streets like this I believe you will feel more confident in how beautiful you are!


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