Vlog 8: Hug Your Crush Part 2

This is all my personal experiences

Now, one more thing. The phases that made up this experience in like every single hug that involve a male (or female) of your age is made up of about six phases, sometimes more. Let’s say they are shock, ohmygerdhe’shere! , we’re close enough to hug, the hug, enchantment, and aftershock. Aftershock is if it’s a really bad crush. Like all you think about is them. Let’s go through the phases of shock in the faces of winchesters, because let’s face it, that’s the only way to really understand 😉 (plus they’re so cute, if I got a hug from them I’d die. {especially Jensen!!})

Phase 1: Shock. This can happen if you’re caught unexpectedly with the love of your entire life.

Phase one activate. If you're lucky, the other might be just as happy to see you!!!! <3
Phase one activate.
If you’re lucky, the other might be just as happy to see you!!!! ❤ Like they are obviously to see each other!!

Don’t let this scare you! It’s perfectly normal! Shock is normal! Think of Michelle Branch’s song Breathe, and hold your breath and count to ten as you wait for a chance to let them in!

Phase 2: ohmygerdhe’shere! This is more like a rush of blood to the head so hard it feels like someone’s trynna kill you! It’s like you get vertigo for literally one second and then it’s gone! ADRENALINE!!!!

Heres a calm gif because let’s face it, you have to act like you’re not about to pee yourself with excitement that your crush is in the same general area.

Wait, what's he's really here?!?!
Wait, what’s he’s really here?!?!

It’s exhilarating and you feel all these funny butterflies all in your tummy! Don’t be afraid of these moments. Again, all perfectly normal! The moment will pass so quickly and you instantly want more. You might feel like:

Need I say more?
Need I say more?

Phase 3: Let’s say your friends and you haven’t seen eachother in a while. Probably what’s gonna happen is phase three: we’re close enough to hug

We close enough to hug! WE gonna hug?! Yah, we gon hug!!
We close enough to hug!
WE gonna hug?! Yah, we gon hug!!


Phase 4: The hug!


Then you might also be like, maybe in your head, this:


Phase five: Enchantment. Now this can go a few different ways, it can go like this:


Or like this:

Dean is your back up girlfriend ready to pick you off the ground..
Dean is your back up girlfriend ready to pick you off the ground..or pry you away. Know your situation!!

The last phase is probably the aftershock. I’ve got a few GIF’s for that!

or maybe you feel this
or maybe you feel this

Either way, know that it is perfectly acceptable! No matter what the circumstance! Be a little more comfortable. It’s okay to show you’re nervous. Usually, only if he’s a dirt bag, will he come out and tease you because you’re blushing. At that age, he’s just as interested in girls as you are in boys. He’s not gonna laugh and point because you’re blushing!

He’s probably gonna be nice. Remember, you’re friends with him for a reason!


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